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Wire Rope Rigging With Technical Terms And Markings
- Jun 14, 2017 -

  Wire rope rigging with technical terms and markings

  1 Rated lifting capacity:rigging spreader under normal conditions of use, vertical suspension to allow the maximum quality of the items.

  2 limit working load: single limbs slings under normal conditions of use, vertical suspension, allowing the maximum quality of the items.

  3 sling: lifting equipment, lifting, moving items, tied to the items on the load to withstand the flexible components (including the upper and lower accessories).

  4 angle between the limbs: slings when lifting items corresponding to the angle between the two limbs

  5 and the vertical line angle:rigging hanging rope lifting items, the limbs and the vertical line formed by the angle.

  6 hanging mode coefficient: under normal conditions of use, by the hanging way (multi-limb slings the number of limbs,rigging the angle between the limbs, single slings hanging different way) to determine the sling safety work load and performance completely The same single limb sling limit working load ratio.

  7 safe working load: sling in the general conditions of use, by a specific way to allow the maximum hanging hanging.

  8 test load (verification): spreader and rigging under general conditions of use, vertical suspension, the spread of the spreader or rigging capacity to apply the non-destructive vertical downward load.

  9 minimum breaking force: chain, wire rope, etc. in the static tension breaking test can withstand the minimum breaking force