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RiggingReasonable Use Is Very Important
- Aug 24, 2017 -

China's rigging industry in recent years has developed rapidly, rigging widely used in various fields, is an indispensable important industrial production components. Here are some of the lessons learned using rigging, to share to everyone.

In general, rigging is used in a more hazardous working environment, so it is important to use rigging properly. In this to remind our customers, should choose the quality of rigging rigors, determined not to use the damaged rigging, regularly check the use of rigging state, do not let the rigging knot, to maintain the normal load of the use of rigging.

According to the use of environmental selection rigging specifications and types

When selecting the rigging specification, the shape, size, weight and the mode of operation of the load object should be taken into account, and the external environment factors and the conditions that may occur under extreme conditions should be added to the calculation method. Select the type of rigging, in accordance with the use of methods to select rigging, it is necessary to have sufficient capacity to meet the needs of the use, but also consider its length is appropriate.

Use the correct connection

Rigging in the normal use must be checked, in the hoisting, should avoid twisting, twisting rope, to the correct placement of the connection, according to the rigging load can be carried out, and to keep it in the sling upright , Away from the load, hook, to prevent damage.

When lifting the safe custody of rigging

Rigging when the rigging, to protect the rigging. Rigging should be maintained, away from the edge of sharp objects, do not drag the friction caused by wear and tear, to avoid snatch and high in line with the operation, if necessary, to take appropriate protective measures. To ensure the use of rigging environment

The most important thing to use rigging is to ensure the safety of the staff. The use of rigging environment is generally more dangerous, so in the hoisting process, should pay close attention to the safety of personnel work to remind staff to establish a sense of security, good security measures, if necessary, immediately withdraw from the dangerous scene.

Correct choice of rigging, away from chemical damage. Rigging according to the use of different materials to take their different, such as polyester, nylon material resistant to inorganic acid, susceptible to organic acid damage, and nylon damp strong loss of 15%. In high temperature environment or chemical pollution, to remind our customers, should consult product customer service, in accordance with the instructions to select rigging.

Use the correct storage rigging after use

After the rigging work, must be recovered and stored correctly. Storage should first check the rigging is good, the broken rigging should be recycled, do not save. If you are no longer in use for the short term, you must store it in a well-ventilated room, properly placed on the shelf, to avoid heat and direct sunlight, away from chemical gases and items. Keep the surface of the rigging clean, do a good job of preventing damage.