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Rigging To Achieve The Object Transfer Between The Lifting Machine And The Lifting Force Between The Force Of The Tool
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Rigging refers to the force in order to achieve the object transfer between the lifting machine and the lifting force between the tools, as well as in order to stabilize the structure of the space structure of the force. Including the mast, the mast (mast bar), the yard (sails), the girders and all the cables, the chain and the general terms used to operate these appliances.

China's rigging industry in recent years, rapid development, but the technical standards are not perfect, domestic enterprises at random production, or even reduce the safety factor, so China's hoisting safety has a lot of hidden dangers. For example, transport bundles, China has no standard. Lifting the belt only to promote the standard, there is no mandatory standards.

We must continue to develop Sino-foreign technical cooperation, and constantly improve the relevant technical standards, the introduction of mandatory laws and regulations in order to ensure that China's lifting and carrying safety.

China's economy has begun to recover gradually in 2010, but the major manufacturing industries, such as shipbuilding, steel, metallurgy, machine tools and other industries can not have a big development, more unlikely to reach the level before November 2008, therefore, the domestic rigging in 2010 Of the total market, than in 2009 will have a certain increase, but can not reach the level of consumption before October 2008.

A rigging enterprise in order to survive in the tide of economic crisis in an invincible or effective survival, we must analyze the market trend, seize the sales focus, strengthen cost control, reduce inventory. In the case of the market downturn, can not reduce product quality, to seize the customer, for customers solve problems, good technical services. Only in this way, companies can ride through the storm, through the winter, ushered in the bright spring.

Precautions for use

1, do not use damaged rigging

2, in the hoisting, do not twist, twisted with a

3, do not let the tie knot

4, to avoid tearing the joint parts or overload work

5, when moving rigging, do not drag it

6, to avoid the seizure or shock load

7, each rigging must be checked before every use

8, polyester has resistance to inorganic acid function, but vulnerable to organic acid damage

9, polypropylene is suitable for the most resistant to chemical use of the place

10, nylon has the ability to resist inorganic acid, susceptible to organic acid damage

11, nylon in the damp, the strong loss of up to 15%

12, if the rigging is likely to be contaminated by chemicals or at high temperatures, you should seek advice from suppliers.