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Rigging Of The Rigging Precautions
- Jul 11, 2017 -

  Rigging of the rigging precautions

  Lifting precautions

  Wire rope rigging

  The rope is made of steel wire rope as raw material, mainly used for hoisting, traction, tensioning and carrying the rope, the specific strength of high, light weight, smooth work, not easy to break the whole root and other characteristics, widely used in steel, Transportation, port and other industries.

  Wire rope rigging Note:

  1, if the single-legged lifting belt, hanging point must be located vertically in the hanging material is above the center of gravity;

  2, if the legs hoisting, hanging point should be located on both sides of the goods, hanging in the hanging material at the top of the center of gravity;

  3, if the three legs or four legs hoisting, hanging point must be symmetrical on the plane around the goods, and the hook is located in the hanging material is just above the center of gravity.

  Chain rigging

  Chain rigging is made of metal chain connected with the rigging, in accordance with its formation of the main welding and assembly of two, according to its structure and only a single, and so on, the use of high-quality alloy steel, its prominent feature is wear, High temperature, low ductility, will not be elongated after the force. Its long life, easy to bend, suitable for large-scale, frequent use of the occasion.