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On The Precautions Of Choosing Hardware Lock Fixture
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Market hardware lock data classification jumbled, processing technology, and specifications are not the same, then how to choose the door hardware lock, small compiled a number of hardware manuals, inside about how to choose the hardware lock with detailed elucidation.

A look at the lock data

The market of the lock data basic dividends of stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy. Stainless steel padlock high strength, corrosion resistance, not discoloration, is the best lock data; Copper contrast general, mechanical performance superior, high price; lock high quality zinc alloy to consolidate wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and simple molding, more for the mid-range lock.

Second look at the lock with external treatment

Surface treatment is roughly divided into electroplating, spraying and color three kinds, the lock after the appearance of treatment in the product appearance of a layer of fine protective film, corrosion and rust-proof effect, so that lock with more beautiful. Dense protective film is also a measure of the quality of the lock, good quality locks, the use of electroplating treatment, plating delicate lubrication, even moderate, bright color, no bubbles, rust and oxidation traces.

Three look at the lock performance specification

Foreign hardware locks have very strict rules and regulations, so the quality of imported products is relatively high. We can feel the good and bad of the lock. In general, feel the heavy locks, the quality is relatively high; the lock body can not be pointed, the tip is simple wounding, especially should pay attention to the lock handle end, the lock tongue and the lock body Four Corners three positions; lock spring good lock with open and flexible, high sensitivity, long service life. Locks also exist in a variety of personalities, it is important to pay attention to the personality of the interior door to maintain consistency.