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No Private Welding After Rigging
- Jul 24, 2017 -

  No private welding after rigging

  In general, the rigging in the use of the process, if the suspension is overloaded, it is easy to cause its fracture, and after the break, some customers in order to save costs, privately welded rigging after continuing to use, but this practice is to use big bogey.

  Like the hook this kind of casting products, is not to be arbitrarily welded, if the customer needs welding hooks, can buy welding hooks directly, welding hook products and so-called users to carry out welding hook is completely different concept, welding hook is not unauthorized welding hook to handle, hope users do not confuse.

  If the hook in the use of the break, the user can not be used after welding, ordinary welding is not able to make the hook load again, the hook in the manufacture is a layer of forging, after the forged hook has a certain toughness, this toughness will make the hook product will not easily break, generally speaking here is the break, refers to in the operation when the hook suddenly break the goods directly fall, causing damage to the goods or casualties, and have a certain toughness of the hook, if the hook can not carry weight in the operation will not suddenly break, will appear distorted deformation, more serious will appear cracks, if the user often check the hook product is intact, generally will not appear suddenly broke off the situation, and privately welded hook is not have any toughness, can not be used, the new product must be replaced.

  To sum up, the customer to the fracture of the rigging for welding treatment, even after the welding after the appearance and the cable is not broken, but the nature has changed, if customers continue to use such rigging, there will be a very large security risks, hope that the customer in the rigging after the break immediately after the new, do not try to continue to use the welding.