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Metal Craft Products Process
- Jun 28, 2017 -

  Metal Craft Products process

  Process technology according to the product material, shape, structure and decoration may be divided into:

  ① casting, calcination, baking, welding and other hot processing technology;

  ② hammer, squeeze rolling, Metal Craft Products breaking round, nest shape, chisel and other cold processing technology;

  ③ knot, heap, point save, etc. save pressure process;

  ④ mosaic, point Tsui, filling glaze and other filling process;

  ⑤ gold-plated (silver), gold-plated, Metal Craft Products gold (silver) and polishing and other surface treatment process.

  Metal crafts in the 20th century, 50 years ago are basically manual operation. Since the mid-1950s, with the progress and development of industry, part of the auxiliary process has been gradually mechanized, Metal Craft Products for those who determine the quality of the art of the key technology such as dig, fill, chisel, bonding, etc. are still manually completed.