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Metal Craft Products Because Of The Different Styles Of Materials
- Aug 07, 2017 -

  Metal Craft Products because of the different styles of materials, with a typical metal heavy, powerful features, but the use of adding some other materials or design changes in the pattern, Metal Craft Products also has elegant, fine style features. Today's Metal Craft Products are the main origin of Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Yunnan, Sichuan, Shandong, Zhejiang and other regions.

  The traditional metal handicrafts is a combination of art and technology cleverly combined with a kind of beauty, different metals through different processing methods, program skills to integrate, get a different visual and visual representation of the United States, is the material beauty, technology Beauty, the perfect combination of artistic beauty. Different metal materials have different texture and luster, combined with each other, constitute a distinctive contrast and colorful colors, the production process, the combination of different kinds of production techniques, as well as the creator of the unique creative to join, you can get more Novel product. Each handicraft is unique because of the differences in the emotions of the producers, and reflects the different understandings of the same subject, from which the cultural background and aesthetic taste of the producers can be seen.

  Metal Craft Products have a long history, in the Shang Dynasty period has been a relatively shape of the Metal Craft Products - gold handicrafts. During the Warring States period, craftsmen will be a variety of metal materials or metal materials and non-metallic materials to combine to create a more exquisite handicrafts. To the Han Dynasty, craftsmen have been able to produce exquisite gold and silver silk knot, heap, mosaic of handicrafts, in the technical level is a huge leap. Tang Dynasty is the heyday of Metal Craft Products, especially silver crafts are very popular, such as set off the relief effect of gold and silver chisel technology. In the next few hundred years, about a thousand years of time, the progress of smelting technology, the development of technology means, the increase in metal materials, Metal Craft Products in the continuous improvement of progress, will be a combination of different processes, People love.

  Although the ancient Chinese technology level is not developed, but still left a lot of exquisite Metal Craft Products, such as the Shang Dynasty bronze, the Warring States period gold and silver, Tang Dynasty bronze mirror and jewelry, the Ming Dynasty Xuande furnace, the Qing Dynasty Period of cloisonne, which are treasures of traditional Chinese culture, worthy of our own heart guardian.