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Lock Is Not Just Human Life Supplies, But Also Cultural
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Lock is not just human life supplies, but also cultural (folk), it represents a country and the nation of different historical periods of culture. China's locks have been stretched for thousands of years, it and the private ownership of human almost born at the same time. Initially, the human only simply put the personal treasures wrapped up with the animal skin, tied with a rope firmly tied, and finally in the opening marked with a special knot. This tightly tied knot can only be picked up with a tool called "wrong". Wrong, also known as "Xiao", "screwdriver". It is made of animal teeth or animal bones, shaped like a sickle-like hook, in fact, knot is the earliest lock, wrong is the earliest key, this is the prototype of our locks. This has been used from the Shang Dynasty to the Han Dynasty, after the use of jade, evolved into the aristocratic dress on the ornaments. To the 5000 years of Yangshao culture period, our ancestors created in the wooden structure of the building on the wooden lock (see "Encyclopedia of China Light Industry Volume"). This is the world's oldest lock, can be called "the world's first lock." This wooden lock has been in the folk heritage, such as the Ming Dynasty white wood lock, once in the Zhejiang area of the building to use. In today's Kunming Yi cottage also has a similar wooden lock.

Although the Shang Dynasty has entered the Bronze Age, but mainly with copper to produce large-scale drinking, food and sacrifice, not used to lock. Its development period for the Spring and Autumn Warring States by the Qin and Han Dynasties and Northern and Southern Dynasties until the Sui and Tang dynasties. Following the bronze age of the Shang Dynasty, the Spring and Autumn Period into the Iron Age, archeology proved that during this period a lot of people use iron locks, copper locks, as well as silver locks, gilt locks, etc., which is representative of the Western Zhou bronze Lock, the Eastern Han Dynasty metal lock, the Tang Dynasty shrimp tail silver lock and the Song Dynasty Fang Fang lock, etc., have a very high level of technology. In particular, the Han Dynasty iron three locks, in China before and after the use of more than 1,000 years. The prosperity of the period for the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a variety of materials, the simultaneous development of locks to copper locks, iron lock most of the more sophisticated technology, in the unlock difficulty and shape manufacturing has a great innovation. Such as the Ming Dynasty three-color copper lock, the Qing Dynasty crane lock, password lock, dark door locks, four unlock, back lock and a variety of characters, animals and text modeling locks, dazzling, beautiful. Some lock structure is complex, clever design, organ strange, most people are difficult to open.

China's ancient locks not only has a long history, many types, making sophisticated, and has a rich cultural connotation. Compared with modern locks, there are at least three characteristics: - Chinese traditional locks have a long history, so far at least 5,000 years of history, and many species, rich in possession, cultural heritage is extremely deep; modern locks in China's development time, from 1887 China Commercial Bank for the first time using the United States, "Yale" brand box lock count, so far only 100 years.