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Hooks Plant Of The Genus Rosaceae
- May 27, 2017 -

The Hooks is a plant of the genus Rosaceae

The Hooks is a plant of the genus Rosaceae. Located in North Korea, Scandinavia, Russia, Mongolia and mainland China's Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang and other places, growing at an altitude of 1,200 meters in the area, mostly born in the side slope, under the forest and ditch, has not yet introduced by artificial cultivation.

Hooks Raspberry bush, 1-2 m high. Stem cylindric, brown, streaked, stolonous; branchlets with powdery fluff at the beginning, glabrous afterwards, transverse to broadly pith. Leaves oblong-elliptic or obovate-elliptic, 4-9 cm long, 1.2-3 cm wide, apex acute or shortly acuminate, base cuneate, margin apart from base (1/3) Papery, foliage glabrous, abaxially scattered at the beginning of the stellate hair, after the veins outside the gradual fall off, there are yellow gland points. Spikes terminal caudate, slender sag, densely white stellate villous, 7-20 cm long, 1 cm wide; rounded 6-10-flowered, before blooming to bear paired bracts and small Bracts, all caducous, calyx campanulate, 10 veins, externally stellate tomentose, inner glabrous, calyx teeth 5, triangular-ovate, broadly broadly inserted; raspberry corolla pink to purple, long 5 -6 mm, outside with a calyx tube out of the stellate hair and gland point, Hooks the inner surface of the filament has a hair-like protrusions at the base of the anterior lobes with a crescent-shaped crown, and thus in the corolla throat Hooks The formation of irregular hair ring, corolla top 4 crack, anterior lobes and lateral lobes into an upright, the anterior lobes of about 2 mm, concave, on the lobes straight, round oval, about 1 mm, 4, out of the corolla up to 1 times, anthers nearly round, 1 room; flower cup-shaped, the edge of the irregular wavy teeth, Hooks up to half of the ovary; style longer than the stamens, apex 2 lobes; Room brown, apex with stellate hairs and glands. Nuts elliptic triangular, about 3 mm long, apex with curved beak, glandular and sparsely stellate hairs. Flowering 8-10 months, fruit in November.