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Electric Cabinet Lock To Buy Three Major Elements
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Buy electrical cabinet lock has three small tips, respectively, to see the implementation of the standard, look at the electrical cabinet lock material and look at the electrical cabinet lock surface treatment.

Look at the implementation of the standard cabinet lock: foreign relative to the domestic more stringent, so the import of products of course, better than the domestic better. You can feel the touch can be used to experience out, heavy electrical lock cabinet high quality lock body can not be exposed, so as not to hurt, in particular, need to pay attention to the end of the cabinet and lock the lock and the lock body four corners of these seats. Good electrical cabinet lock lock spring open flexible, high sensitivity, life is also very long.

Look at the electrical lock cabinet materials: general electrical lock cabinet materials are copper, zinc alloy, stainless steel. Stainless steel high strength, corrosion resistance, no discoloration, is the best lock material. Copper is more popular and expensive. Zinc alloy is durable, corrosion-resistant, easy to shape, generally used for mid-range lock.

Look at the surface treatment of electrical appliances: general electrical cabinet lock surface treatment with electroplating, spraying, coloring, etc., good electrical cabinet locks generally use electroplating, delicate and smooth, bright color, no bubbles, no rust and oxidation is the most obvious Characteristics.