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China 's Current Situation Of Rigging
- Jun 14, 2017 -

  China 's current situation of rigging

  China's rigging market has always been Europe and the United States and domestic private enterprises coexist, high, medium and low producers coexist.

  China's rigging industry in recent years, rapid development, but the technical standards are not perfect, domestic enterprises at random production, and even unauthorized to reduce the safety factor, so China's hoisting safety has a lot of hidden dangers. For example, transport bundles, China has no standard. Lifting the belt only to promote the standard, there is no mandatory standards.

  We must continue to develop Sino-foreign technical cooperation, and constantly improve the relevant technical standards, the introduction of mandatory laws and regulations in order to ensure that China's lifting and carrying safety.

  China's economy has begun to recover gradually in 2010, but the major manufacturing industries, such as shipbuilding, steel, metallurgy, machine tools and other industries can not have a big development, more unlikely to reach the level before November 2008, therefore, the domestic rigging in 2010 Of the total market, than in 2009 will have a certain increase, but can not reach the level of consumption before October 2008.

  A rigging enterprise in order to survive in the tide of economic crisis in an invincible or effective survival, we must analyze the market trend, seize the sales focus, strengthen cost control, reduce inventory. In the case of the market downturn, can not reduce product quality, to seize the customer, for customers solve problems, good technical services. Only in this way, companies can ride through the storm, through the winter, ushered in the bright spring.