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Chain Rigging Note
- Jul 11, 2017 -

  Chain rigging Note:

  1, the chain is not allowed in the course of knotting or twisting;

  2, can not use the hook tip load;

  3, the chain rigging normal operating temperature -40 degrees to +200 degrees;

  4, one leg rigging, rigging lifting point should be located vertically above the lifting point of gravity;

  5, if it is legs with rigging, hanging points should be located on both sides of lifting objects, lifting point in the center of gravity above;

  6, if it is three legs and four legs with rigging, hanging point should be evenly located in the lifting point of the center of gravity, rigging and was hanging objects above the center of gravity.

  Lifting with a set of rigging from the main ring, link shackles, lifting belt, metal terminal components, the main ring, including long rings, rigging round rings, combination rings and so on. The connection shackles include bow shackles, chain shackles, etc. The lifting belts include flat and round belts, and the metal ends include all kinds of hooks and other metal parts.

  Lifting with lifting Note:

  1, in the use of the process should pay attention to the relationship between the angle and bearing tonnage;

  2, if the set of rigging used in the lifting belt with damage, you can not use;

  3, to avoid shock or vibration load;

  4, the safety factor of 4: 1, the specific for the 5: 1 or 6: 1, to use the safety factor range.