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ButtonsArtistic And Decorative
- Aug 24, 2017 -

A button is a tie for clothes on both sides of the clothes. The initial function is used to connect the clothes of the placket, has been gradually developed in addition to maintaining its original function is more artistic and decorative, that is, personalized. Good button it can make your clothing more perfect, play the "finishing touch" role, play a certain aesthetic role. Especially women's clothing appeared a lot of colorful decorative buttons. In detail: the clothes for the minds of the button, that is, we often say that the button, such as windbreaker with a link, such as non-connecting skirts for the buckle, but we are accustomed to the two together, collectively referred to as buttons.

Buttons can not only connect clothes, make it tightly insulated, but also make people instrument neat. Chic buttons, but also the role of clothing from the embellishment. Therefore, it is an indispensable part of the garment structure. That is, in addition to practical functions, but also on the shape of clothing design play the role of finishing touch.

Button materials can be divided into plastic (resin, plastic), metal buttons (copper, iron, alloy), natural (shell, wood, coconut shell, bamboo. The appearance of some buttons look the same, even the industry with the eyes do not necessarily be able to share clearly, so the destruction, scratching the coat to be clear.

Buttons, plastic buttons and resin buttons, plastic buttons and resin buttons, plastic (including a variety of plastic) buttons are generally made of die-casting, so there will be a button on the edge of the line, the mold line, some factories may Follow the processing to remove the line, but his weight will be lighter than the resin (of course, some special plastic will be heavy). Resin button is made of mechanical engraving, and then polished, so the surface is not all the mold line, very smooth. But he is brittle, the surface is easy to scratch, on the water will become soft.

How to distinguish between copper buttons and iron buttons? : Copper and iron material buttons, the magnet with a try to know, there are scraping with a hard object to the surface of the plating, copper button in the brass (gold). Iron buckle is black, this is the raw material color.

How to determine ok is the alloy button? : Alloy buckle is relatively heavy, is made of die-casting, all the mold line, the general will be polished and polished, may not see, but his weight is heavy, is solid.