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Buttons Material Can Be Divided Into Three Kinds
- Oct 20, 2017 -

In our daily use of the buttons, the material can be divided into three categories: plastic (resin, plastic), metal buttons (copper, iron, alloy), natural (shell, wood, coconut shell, bamboo). Each of the different materials, need to go through a different process into a button. But some button processing after molding, only from the appearance is difficult to judge its material. In the real use, how do we distinguish between these different buttons material?

In the plastic button, but also divided into plastic buttons and resin buttons. Among them, the plastic buttons are generally made by die-casting, so there is a line at the edge of the button. This line is also known as the mold line, some factories in the processing for the impact of beauty, will be removed through the process of this line. In contrast, its weight is slightly lower than the resin. Resin is mostly made by mechanical carving, and then polished, so the surface is no trace, relatively smooth. However, the resin button will be more fragile, into the water will become soft.

And for metal buttons, divided into copper buttons, iron buttons and alloy buttons three. To distinguish between copper buttons and iron buttons is relatively simple, just try with a magnet can be. There is also a way to scratch the surface with a hard layer of the plating layer, copper buttons which will appear brass, while the iron button is black. The alloy button because it is made by die-casting, and the internal solid, so there are mold lines and heavier, in the basic shape will be through the grinding and polishing.