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Belt Buckle Generally Divided Into Three Categories
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Because the belt of this kind of thing belongs to daily necessities, there is no textbook to teach you the kind of specific, if your family is no longer responsible to teach you these things, then you only have to learn to distinguish these things, do not learn the same Can live, but just do not live so convenient.

1. Belt buckle classification.

The market is generally divided into three categories, that is, needle buckle, directly inserted in the hole of the kind, the second is the buckle, insert the mouth of the metal will be relatively short, the third is automatic buckle, automatic deduction more convenient. There are several are not too common, such as military labor insurance products, two pieces of metal buckle together with such a belt buckle, we can buy according to need.

2. The material of the belt.

Material, the students generally use the kind of canvas, the rest of the cheap leather to do, not durable only, there is animal skin to do, all kinds, will be durable.

3. Classification of belt shape.

Wide belt, this belt is relatively wide, it is more comfortable to wear, but does not apply all the clothes, some clothes simply do not wear, fine belt. Women are usually used in the belt, very fine. Moreover, is the chain belt, may be more applicable to some people.

4. buckle of the belt.

In fact, the belt is divided into the buckle and outside the buckle, in general, many people prefer buckle, so that the extra part will not be exposed, it will not fall off in a formal occasion to lead to embarrassment, but the current market On more than the external buckle, remember to buy before the first confirmation.

5. The metal head of the belt.

Metal head, the students and non-mainstream like fancy patterns, the kind of trend, adult is mostly simple and steady that kind of look at the age of pick on the line.

6. Belt maintenance and proper use.

The belt is generally we are carrying, but if not, it is recommended that the fur need to put the oil on the dry place maintenance, or moldy. Belt with the time to be gentle, even if the rugged belt is not easy to use bad.