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Deduction of the command button to ensure close collected on tape
- Jan 14, 2017 -

1, tape-cut straight and perpendicular to the longitudinal centre line of the tape, or it will cause the belt deviation and joint life, cut bevel the ends of the 20-30 mm.

2, depending on the thickness of the tape, adapt to the strength of belt buckles, belt buckle you insert template, belt buckle on the belt clip in the correct location.

Deduction order button 3 on tape to ensure that the closed settings in order to adjust head thickness adjustment handles, suitable for tape thickness choice loosen the locking nut.

4, push-pull left hand right hand right hand under the handle and the handle on the left, and moved in the left handle, right handle is locked, head movement, pull the handle does not move to the left, the right hand moves down to a very low level, complete booking button operation.

5. reverse the left and right handle, lift the right hand handle to its original position, the left handle down to the original position. Repeat these steps until you have completed the full length joints order.